Why I Blog and Podcast

Edward Galligan III


It’s early-November. It’s a month after I’ve started Podcasting, and I’ve known since I wanted to start Podcasting that I also wanted to start blogging. CJ went off for 30 points against the Lakers on November 3rd and lead the Blazers to a win on November 6th against the Bucks with 40 points (per nba.com). I’m sitting on my laptop figuring out how to talk about CJ being back after a slow start to the season for my first sports blog. I then decide that I want my first ever blog post to be about why I’m blogging and Podcasting and my life leading up to it.

Let’s now go back to before July of 2018. I’m the busiest I’ve ever been as I’m getting ready for my wedding on July 27th. With little help from family, I’m picking up overtime shifts at work and every day off of work is spent wedding planning. Those who have gotten married know how many things come up that you have to plan and/or pay for that you would never think of.

July 27th 2018 is finally here after getting engaged in August of 2017. I chilled and drank with my boys in the morning, got married to my beautiful wife, and we got to our hotel afterward and were just completely exhausted, talking about how quickly the day went by, and how we wish we could do the day over again as a spectator. I then go back to work for a week before we leave for our honeymoon.

We’re now on a plane to Orlando, Florida. It’s the first time I’ve taken an extended vacation in a long time. I absolutely love the diversity and weather of Orlando and spending time at Universal. We’re then on a plane to Jamaica. I now have a little more time to chill and just think about life instead of running around a theme park all day. I’m thinking to myself, life can be like this. I want to be able to go somewhere when I want to go somewhere and do things I want to do without worrying about money, but this isn’t exactly something you can do with a normal job.

Getting back from my two-week honeymoon, I get straight back into working overtime, working stretches of eight, eight, and seven 10-hour shifts straight; with only two days off in between. But coming back from this long vacation, I have this new-found energy and immediately start looking into ways of making money from home.

In my research, I found things like being a Lyft driver, Swagbucks surveys, and the Lucktastic scratch-it app. I also found many passive investment opportunities, one of which, Fundrise, I have actually invested in. But thinking about it, living in Salem, OR, I’m not really in a good market for being a Lyft driver, so it’d likely be a huge pay cut for me; Swagbucks makes very little money for the amount of time you put into it; and hoping to win money on Lucktastic is like hoping you’ll win a lottery ticket.

The first real thing that caught my eye was blogging. I know that I’m a good writer, everything would be on my own time, and I can do it on my laptop or phone wherever I am. In further research, I find that there are many good blogging websites, and that there is a lot of money in blogging right now. But sitting and thinking about it for days, I had no idea what I would blog about.

The second thing that caught my eye was Podcasting. This idea was completely inspired by my cousin, Joey Thorn, when I started checking out his Amateur Hour Podcast. I thought his concept was brilliant, and there’s money in Podcasting, but again, I had no idea what I would Podcast about.

Still brainstorming Podcasting, I started to think about things that I like. I originally thought music and sports. I love both; but both topics together would be way too broad, and two completely different audiences. I then thought Sports, but other than basketball, I don’t follow sports as a whole any more than casually. So, that was it. It finally hit me. Basketball. I love the NBA, and could focus the Podcast on the hometown Portland Trailblazers.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I’ve been listening to the same sports radio show/Podcast for years, and have always been knowledgeable when it comes to basketball conversations, but never thought about this as a career for some reason. Like, I’ve watched every single Blazer game since Damian Lillard got drafted. This was something I could do.

With my mind set on Podcasting, I purchased some Podcasting equipment, and I already had a vocal recording program that I had purchased in the past. I had a friend in mind, but he left for a two-month vacation on the same day I left on my honeymoon, and he wouldn’t be home for another month, so I sent him a teaser text saying I wanted to talk business when he got back, and I patiently waited while doing my research.

Kevin was finally back from Europe and we went out to eat the day he got back. After a long talk of how our vacations went, I brought this idea of Podcasting to him. I talked to him about how we could easily talk basketball; and how we would have a laid-back Podcast, not feeling bad about going off course to other random topics. I told him that this was something we could build into something we could live off of. I could see him thinking as I was talking to him. He was in. And what would we call it? Basketball And Chill.

We then in the next week and a half made all of our platforms extremely last minute, did some last-minute promoting, and recorded our first ever episode. Over the next few weeks, we worked through all of our kinks with Apple Music, YouTube, and our own website; and are now consistently posting on all platforms.

With this newfound energy, I hope to turn this side hustle into my main hustle. I know the journey can be long and the grind can be hard with new gigs like this, but I’m willing to go through it while doing something I love with such a close friend. I dream of a day when I can go on vacations when and where I want because of something I built with a friend. I hope I can one day drop to a part time job or even quit a normal job because of the amount I’ll be making from Podcasting and blogging. I dream of taking this Podcast and eventually making it into sports radio or onto TV. Maybe I even take this and become a writer for Bleacher report or ESPN. But for now, I’ll just continue to grind, and continue to put out weekly content.

From here on out, I’ll be posting weekly blog posts on the Portland Trailblazers and the rest of the NBA. You can follow me on Twitter here, you can follow the Basketball and Chill Twitter here, you can follow the Basketball and Chill Facebook page here to catch us live or watch previous episodes, and you can check out all of our blog and Podcast posts here.

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